Tools of financial analysis

How tools of financial analysis helps entrepreneurs to take right decisions about a company

How well is your company performing? How healthy is its future? Do the shareholders have faith in your policies? The answer to these questions lies in financial analysis. There are important uses of financial statement analysis of a company and we will discuss all of them here.

Use of financial analysis

The financial analysis is done regularly to check whether a company is operating as per the goals set by the management. The creditors also go by this analysis to decide on the further extension of loans. The shareholders take into consideration the financial statement to decide whether or not to continue with the holding. In fact, the financial analysis report is heavily relied on to show trust and faith in a company. Marketers and industry experts take this report very seriously to consider the viability of a business.

Tools of financial analysis

At Myland Business Institute we stress on teaching finances seriously. We not only give our students thorough knowledge of finance but also teach them how to use financial analysis tools to understand the health of a business and take better decisions.

To analyze a business, you need to first determine the type of information you are looking for. You need separate tools for tax analysis and profitability analysis and hence it is important to choose a tool according to your requirement.

Our students at Myland Business Institute learn to use tools like

  • Income statement
  • Cash flow statement
  • Net present value
  • Balance sheet

We ensure that our students learn to use these tools in the right situation and grasp the implications correctly. We also give them a fair idea about using actual data and projected data which is necessary to use certain tools.

Some of the tools are very popular and useful like the balance sheet tool which provides a financial snapshot of a company. It is one of principle tools used by analysts to determine the financial health of a company.

The income statement on the other hand measures the success of a company in terms of profit or net profit over a certain period of time.

Cash flow statement is always included in the financial reporting as it indicates how well a business meets its cash commitments.

Myland Business Institute wants its students to become successful entrepreneurs when they pass out and hence look after their total development. As a part of creating entrepreneurs of the future, we impart financial knowledge and encourage them to use the tools of financial analysis to substantiate their decisions.

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