The business plan

Business plan – what it is and why you need to learn to write one

We have talked a lot about strategies, marketing efforts, quality management and other complicated stuff. All this we have discussed from the point of view of a business. So it is time that we talk about business more and its basics. Let’s now spare a few words on business plan and how important it is to an entrepreneur.

What is a business plan?

A business plan is a written document of your business goals, reasons behind them and the plan to achieve them. You can also describe it as a compass that shows you the path. It can also include information about how the organization came into existence or the team working behind it.

The business plan is strategic by nature. You may not spell out your business strategies explicitly in it but nevertheless it points how you are going to use your resources to reach a certain milestone in your business.

How to write a business plan

No, you cannot just pick the pen and start writing your plan. A lot of background work has to be conducted before you jot it down. You have to determine your goals, outline the financial requirements, decide how long the plan would be and also include the marketing strategies.

There are certain components of a business plan that you need to know and learn how to write.

The executive summary is the first component that comes after the title. This part should include what you actually want so that the reader gets a notion of what the business plan is all about.

The business description follows the summary which describes the industry and also provides a glimpse of the present scenario and the future possibilities. You can also include description of different markets and how any new development can affect your business.

Next you have to define your market strategies. This is the result of the market analysis you have conducted and shows how aware you are about the market and your target customer base.

You also have to define your operation and management plan so that the reader gets a clear idea how the business would run on a daily basis.

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