The Business Environment

What business environment is and its role in encouraging entrepreneurship

There are some societies in which you will find young entrepreneurs flourishing easily and getting a lot of encouragement while there are other places where seldom any businessman comes up with a grand idea. Do you know what sets the difference between these two places? Business environment. It is time that we talk about it and find out what it is and what are the factors that govern it.

What is business environment?

Business environment can be defined as the sum total of all the factors that influence a business. The factors can be internal and external. These factors generally include management, employees, and customers, social and technological factors. Let us differentiate between internal and external environment and understand them more clearly.

Internal environment

All the factors that are present inside the business and influence it from within are known as internal factors. The human resources, policies of business, managerial attitude, objectives of the business are few factors that determine the internal environment of the business.

External environment

The factors which influence the business from outside are generally clubbed as external environment. Some of these factors are closely related to a particular business and influence it greatly while others may be distant and mild. The suppliers, competitors, customers and public are a few noted factors.

How business environment influences entrepreneurial success

Business environment plays a major role in encouraging entrepreneurship and allowing new talents to flourish. Often external factors like media, suppliers and public act as barriers to businesses. Similarly, business policies, HR management strategies and technological policies may pull a business backward.

So, it is important that an entrepreneur understands the business environment and can take corrective measures.

Successful entrepreneurs along with policymakers nowadays pay attention to building the right environment that can felicitate growth of businesses.

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