Strategic Planning Tools

How strategic planning tools help an organization to focus on its vision

Go through any business management book and you are sure to come across the term strategy. Talk to any entrepreneur or management student and mention the term strategy and they will gush about strategy and planning and all such stuff. Yes, strategic planning is vital for a business and there are tools to implement it. Let us try to understand what is strategic planning and how it helps businesses to plan ahead and stay in the race.

What is strategic planning?

It is the process of defining the direction or developing the strategy and action to achieve the business goals. Most organizations resort to it in order to maintain the focus on the goals and achieve them within deadlines. The strategic plan is important because it helps the management to think on more concrete terms. It never allows them to deviate and also helps them incorporate changes in case the business situation alters.

How do companies define their strategies?

Strategies are developed from the vision and mission of the company. The focus of a company is derived from the vision and the values also play a vital role in devising the strategies.

How strategic planning is implemented?

There are tools that help businesses to implement strategic planning. The most vital ones are vision, metrics or charts, SWOT analysis, affinity diagram and interrelationship digraph.

You have to start with vision as without it you cannot go far. A vision is important to show you the long term path you have to take.

Metrics and charts help you to determine whether your efforts are bringing the desired results. They also help in keeping a tab on the results and the time taken to reach them.

At Myland Business Institute we teach our students strategic planning in details. We also help them to understand the importance of it and how to use the tools. With real life cases, our students are taught about choosing the right tools.

As for example, the SWOT analysis helps them to estimate the strengths and weaknesses of the organization and how they can be used to increase their competitiveness. The business management students of Myland Business Institute are also taught about affinity diagram and interrelationship digraph.

Thus you can see, how strategic planning tools can help an organization to further enhance its strengths and work on the weaknesses and convert them into strengths also.

Myland Business Institute is known for providing quality education and we try our best to make our students confident about their skills and potential.