Recruitment and CPD

How Recruitment and CPD goes hand in hand in developing employees

To achieve its vision a company needs long term policies and goals. A vital aspect of driving a company in the right direction is to hire the right candidates. Yes, recruitment is a tricky job as any HR personnel would tell you. You often end up hiring the wrong candidate and cannot decide what to do with him. So, every HR manager wants to be cautious while recruiting so that he doesn’t waste valuable company resources.

Recruitment – how to hire the right candidate

Recruitment is a long drawn process which starts from identifying a vacancy and finding probable candidates who can fill it up. Most recruitment personnel have a team who charts down the necessary skills and education required for a particular post and shortlists candidates for it.

Myland Business Institute follows a strict process of teaching business management to the students and hence elaborately covers all the processes of recruitment. Our students are well aware of the processes that match skill sets with job roles and how to conduct interviews to find the right candidates.

We teach our students how to assess the resumes of candidates and frame questions to comprehend how well they can perform their duties.

We give our students every opportunity to practice what they learn and conduct mock interview sessions to give them firsthand experience.

In a highly competitive and evolving business scenario, it is not sufficient to hire employees with highest marks or most degrees. Attitude matters as much as knowledge. Emotional and intelligence quotient needs to be balanced to have employees on board who can withstand the pressure of deadlines and also adapt to different environments.

As Arte Nathan said, “You can’t teach employees to smile. They have to smile before you hire them.” so, it is important for the recruitment team to hire candidates who exude confidence and positive attitude.

Continuing Professional Development – the ultimate aim of the HR team

Now, the success of the recruitment team doesn’t get over by handing out appointment letters. It also has to look after CPD or Continuing Professional Development. Actually, CPD is more of an employee responsibility than the employer’s and hence again those candidates who have a higher urge to learn should be given precedence.

The employees should maintain their own CPD log and the HR team should take care that everything is been documented.

Myland Business Institute grooms its students to imbibe positive attitude. We take special care so that our students become adaptive and flexible. We ensure that they become assets to the companies they join and climb up the corporate ladder fast.

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