Quantitative techniques

Exercises in quantitative techniques – an advanced learning tool to get a grasp over economic issues

How does running a business feel like? You may consider it very glamorous with all the client meetings and traveling and attending business shows, but in reality business is also about crunching numbers. Yes, a business owner has to know the financial details of his company and also its economic viability and studying all this is no fun. It calls for in-depth knowledge, concentration and a willingness to go deeper. Quantitative techniques are one such field that management students have to study as part of their curriculum.

What are quantitative techniques?

Quantitative techniques can be defined as a system that analyses the phenomena related to economics and business economics. With information explosion, a manager or an entrepreneur can access vast amounts of numerical data on the working of his company that can aid economic decision making.

The quantitative methods provide professionals with tools and techniques that can help in analyzing the data that cover almost all the major aspects of a business like finance, sales, logistics, economics and quality management.

Necessarily quantitative techniques help managers to analyze economic relationships. At Myland Business Institute we have a paper on QT that exposes the students to the theory and practical use of it. QT forms the basis for studies that deal with testing hypotheses, producing predictions and empirically fitting models. The course on QT provides students with a solid foundation to statistical and mathematical methods.

There is a great difference between knowing economics and practicing it and quantitative techniques fills that gap. The module also helps students in developing in-depth knowledge of the subject and advanced issues that need to be handled to get a proper understanding of the subject.

However, Myland Business Institute does not want to stop at imparting knowledge only. We aim to give our students ample scope to practice what they learn and thus we have included exercises on quantitative techniques in the courseware that would help students to check their understanding.

The exercises are designed to imitate the real world business problems and after practicing them the students would be capable of handling real issues more confidently.

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