Quality and excellence

Quality and excellence – a path towards greater success and satisfaction

We often use the terms quality and excellence interchangeably. However, if we spare a few moments and think about these two, we will realize that they are not same. There are sharp differences between these two but they are related also. Let us deliberate on quality and excellence and clear our concepts.

Quality is extrinsic

Most companies implement quality standards against some industry specifications. Thus it is extrinsic in nature. We usually implement quality standards to get certified. We develop our products to meet the demands of our customers. By meeting these demands and working on the processes we achieve success and make it repetitive.

Excellence is intrinsic

Excellence is achieved when we go out of the way to achieve a certain standard. Excellence is a desire that makes us walk the extra mile and deliver a fantastic product that creates memorable experience for our customers. Excellence is intrinsic because it creates a sense of satisfaction. It makes us feel proud of our efforts and motivates us to aim for bigger goals.

When quality meets excellence

Are quality and excellence related? Of course they are. Experts may vary in their opinions but there is no doubt that excellence can be achieved only through quality. Adhering to quality standards shows us the way to do things right. We create processes that put resources to best possible use. We maximize our efforts to get highest return. Based on these processes we can achieve excellence.

How can a company achieve quality and excellence? The first part is easy as implementing quality standards would take care of it. However, for the second part a company needs highly motivated people who are ready to do a great job. It is basically a leadership challenge that entrepreneurs have to undertake.

Pursuing excellence should become a part of vision and mission of a company. It should be included in every goal that the company pursues.

Are you ready to take the challenge?

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