Personal effectiveness

Personal effectiveness – how to make sure that you are on the right track

Each one of us has a way of doing things. We differ in our methods, amount of time taken and the way in which we use the resources. It is our personal effectiveness that makes all the differences. So, personal effectiveness is making best use of time and resources and achieving the goals efficiently. It is like investing in best possible way to get the highest return. Now, how do you ensure that you are personally effective? Let us find out.

Why personal effectiveness matters?

We have different goals in life. We have different career aspirations also. Our personal effectiveness would determine how well we achieve the goals. So, whether you want to be a manager or a singer, you have to achieve the best possible combination of skill and execution method to reach your goal. Thus, personal effectiveness is important for everyone. It is the means by which you get what you aspire by putting your resources to best use.

The factors that determine personal effectiveness

There are several factors that determine our personal effectiveness. Of course, our talent is a major one but other than these our innate qualities like determination, confidence, and passion for excellence, interpersonal relationships and motivation also affects our effectiveness.

Persistence – are you determined enough to pursue your goals against all odds? If not, you need to work on your self-discipline to make sure that you increase your persistence as it plays a vital role in increasing your effectiveness.

Reducing stress – with success comes stress and with more success more stress. Unless you can handle it, you cannot move towards your goal. Stress decreases our productivity and hampers creativity. It is important that you learn to manage stress and increase your efficiency.

Creativity – this trait ensures that you can find innovative solutions to your problems. Creativity also helps us to find better ways to perform our duties which directly affects our effectiveness.

Self-confidence – only a person with self confidence can pursue his goals doggedly so you need to work on this characteristic relentlessly. Self confidence also affects our self-image. You can develop self-confidence by inculcating positive attitude and gaining more knowledge about your capabilities.

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