Performance management

How performance management is changing HR and making it easy for companies to achieve the goals

The focus of HR has undergone sea change in the last few years. From recruiting candidates to calculating salary, the focus has shifted to performance management. Today, HR managers are defining strategies that are aligned to the corporate strategies and are playing a huge role in achieving the business goals of the organizations. In order to do this, the HR team is concentrating its activities on developing highly effective leaders and managers and performance management is another tool to achieve that.

What is performance management?

Performance management is all about aligning the employees’ skills, professional goals and competency requirements with the organizational objectives. The focus is always on improving and developing the employees to achieve the goals of the organization and create a high performance workforce who can face future challenges successfully.

The benefits of performance management

An important advantage of adopting performance management is that it makes the system of giving feedback very transparent. Performance and compensation are also linked which motivates the employees.

Performance objectives are clearly set and hence employees feel motivated to achieve them.

Since performance management system is centered on developing the employees, it emphasizes on providing training on leadership development. This helps the workforce to gain skills that are relevant to the industry and become more effective.

Performance management is beneficial to both the employee and the organization. While the employees get opportunity to learn new skills and increase their employability, the organization benefits in terms of increased productivity. The overall performance increases, the environment becomes more positive and in general the employees become more loyal. Retaining employees becomes easier too which helps the organization to further develop the human capital.

It has been observed that with implementation of performance management, conflicts get reduced and communication becomes more transparent too. Teams become more productive. Efficiency and consistency in performance is also observed.

Thus performance management offers benefits to all the stakeholders in a company and has been widely accepted by most global firms.

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