Marketing strategies

Marketing strategies – how to make them relevant to fit demand of modern times
“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.”

That’s what the guru of marketing, Peter Drucker has to say about marketing. Although the way of doing business has undergone sea changes in the last few years with rapid advancement in technology, but these words till hold true. The basic of marketing never changes and hence every business curriculum includes a detailed paper on marketing as it is the most important component of a business. Unless you can sell your products, you cannot exist in the market; it is as simple as that.

How concepts of marketing strategies have evolved over time
Just think of our lives fifty years back. There were very few TV channels, a handful of magazines and newspapers. There were no questions of FB, Twitter or email marketing. The life of marketers was simple too. They just had to think of a marketing campaign that would appeal to consumers and get ads printed in newspapers and commercials aired on TV and radio. The same ad used to run for months and even years without anyone complaining.

Cut to modern times and you have marketers tearing their head to create separate ads for TV, FB, newspaper, emails and even Twitter. With over hundred cable channels they also have to think of which one to choose to air their ads.

So, marketing as a branch of business studies have evolved and become much more complicated. We at Myland Business Institute also have updated our course to include the complexities of today’s highly competitive world and made our marketing strategy course dynamic.

What students need to learn about marketing today?

We teach our students the basic concepts of marketing as knowing the theory is always better to have a strong foundation. Along with that we also teach them with the help of successful campaigns to let them understand what customers today expect from a brand.

We get marketing honchos from reputed ad agencies visit our campus and share their experiences, we make students create their own campaigns and also market their own product.

We give our students freedom to exercise their creativity so that when they join the work force they are able to handle marketing responsibilities successfully.

At Myland Business Institute we aim to make our students entrepreneurs who can create products and services for the future and hence teach the best of marketing strategies.

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