Managing quality

How to implement and manage quality systems

Customer satisfaction. That’s what all brands have to keep in mind while designing their products and services. What ensures customer satisfaction? Quality. Not only that, maintaining quality also makes a brand earn goodwill in the market and enjoy customer loyalty. To maintain quality in products and services, a company needs to implement a quality culture. This can only be achieved through a systematic and structured process of quality management. Thus implementing and managing quality systems becomes essential to most brands.

How to implement a quality management system

The first step towards having a QMS is defining quality and involving all the stakeholders in maintaining it. The employees need to realize their role in achieving the vision of the company and how they can contribute in implementing the quality management system.

Myland Business Institute has always stressed on providing quality education in the field of business management. It has designed courses that cater to the needs of the modern and complex world and prepare the students to face future challenges. In order to groom future entrepreneurs, the school gives each student a unique opportunity to become an entrepreneur in the second year of their curriculum and pursue their dreams.

Myland Business Institute maintains strict quality standards in all aspects, be it teaching materials, selecting competent faculties to other services.

It is imperative that our students would learn about total quality management system and how to implement it in their own organization. We make the students aware of all the facets of quality management system so that they can independently apply it wherever they work in the future.

Focusing on critical success factors

CSF or Critical Success Factors are those issues that help an organization to achieve its objective easily. A few examples are product quality, financial performance, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction. By focusing on these critical factors, and working on them through developing measures and metrics, a company can easily achieve its quality standards.

At Myland Business Institute our students are taught about the different quality management theories like the organization model or the Japanese model approach. By exposing them to different systems and estimating their strengths and weaknesses we want them to choose the model that appeals to them and they can pursue further studies in it and adopt it in their future life.

Quality is a way of life. Quality is also a philosophy of life. By adopting quality systems, we pledge ourselves to maintain a certain standard that further bolsters our dedication and integrity.