Managing projects

How to manage projects and ensure that they are completed within deadline

Do you know what managers find most troublesome? What makes their life stressful? It is managing multiple projects. Most managers today are expected to multi-task and handle many projects simultaneously and this creates a lot of stress and tension in their lives. Moreover, if the projects are big and run for many months the problem intensifies. Let us find out how managers can tackle the situation and make their life easier.

Plan your schedule properly

You need to first take note of all the projects you have in hand and plan how to complete them. Make a list of all the projects in hand and their deadlines. Also mark them according to the level of complexity. Now allot time to each project. While doing this, consider factors like distractions or other obstacles that you may face. There can be situations like resource crunch or sudden problems in the project that demand more time. So keep aside time to handle these situations also.

Arrange according to priority

It is now time to create your to-do list according to priority. The projects that have short deadlines should be given more priority and hence appear at the top of the list. Work on this way and include all the projects in your to-do list. Now it is time to share this with your team and get their inputs. The members may suggest changing the order of tasks or assigning more time to a project. Make the necessary changes and finalize the list.

Start delegating

Being the manager, you should learn how to delegate and get the work done. Assign the tasks to your employees and check the progress from time to time.

Address the issues that rise and solve them quickly

In order to ensure that all the projects are completed on time, you need to address all the issues that may hamper their progress. Call meetings, seek help from your co-members and ask for suggestion. Be encouraging and assertive while you address the members.

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