Managing organizations

Managing organizations – what really the corporate world demands today

The world around us is changing very fast. From laptops we have quickly moved on to notepads and smartphones. As the entire world gets connected by the internet the business scenario is also changing. The old system of top-down hierarchical structure and dictating business goals is quickly giving way to modern team-based working systems where each employee is considered to be responsible for the growth of the company. How do we manage organization under the changing circumstances? Let us find out.

The changing definition of management

Still today we define management as a system in which the manager occupies the prime role and dictates his subordinates to fulfill their tasks. However, it is time that we change our perspective and the definition also. Management should be seen as a process in which each employee works towards a common goal and add value to the organization.

With increased use of technology and workforce getting diverse, each employee has the capability to manage himself. Thus many of the works that the traditional manager used to perform have become redundant. Hence the concept of managing organizations has changed also.

Managing organization – the new perspective

Today we need new approach to managing organizations. Employees who come from diverse background and are located at different locations spread across the globe need different environment that would aid in reaching the goals of the organization.

The organizations need to adopt a nurturing role to let the employees work according to their potential and also deliver responsibilities that are assigned to them. Moreover, the managers of today must possess skills to identify the potential of each member and assign them roles that would help them to bring out the best in them.

With teams playing an increased role in reaching the vision of businesses, the organizations must facilitate team formation.

Today organizations need to adopt a proactive role that helps employees to unleash their creativity. This calls for creating a positive working environment that inspires every employee to put in their best.

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