Managing Ethically

Ethical management of business and the role of the managers in it

The ideal society is the one where people do the right things always. However, we live in a society which is far from being ideal and hence we find people cheating or adopting unfair means to get things done. The business environment is also not free from all this. There are companies which evade taxes, do not comply with government rules or treat their employees badly. Thus ethics receives a lot of attention from experts who worry over creating a healthy business environment.

Ethics and business

Ethics in business is a complex issue. At times we are shaken by thing that companies do and make us doubt their integrity. The recent fiasco over Volkswagen emission tests have raised question about the ethics of the company. One thing is for sure, without ethics no brand can win the trust of the customers and survive in the long run. Moreover, the vision of the company is also related to the ethics. So without it the existence of the company is also jeopardized.

The ethical values a company would follow have to be decided by the management. When it comes to ethics, it has to be top to down. So, the managers play a vital role in deciding and implementing ethical practices.

Not only implementing ethical management within the organization, the managers are responsible for the conduct of the employees who report to them. It is their responsibility to see that the employees follow the ethical code of the organization. He should be ready to practice his power to punish those who fail to do so.

Managing a company ethically is not easy. It takes a lot of integrity, patience and determination. However, every organization must hire managers and groom them up so that they can take this responsibility. Ultimately it is the perception of ethics of the management that the managers have to believe and follow.

At MK Business School we provide advanced education on business management. We are committed to groom future managers who can eventually become great entrepreneurs. So, we take care that our students learn about business ethics and how to follow them in their future organizations.

In this regard it is important to remember that the business scenarios have changed drastically in the last few years. Competition has increased manifold and the workforce has become more dynamic. The concept of ethical management also has undergone changes. Thus, the modern managers have to remember all this while managing their business ethically. Thankfully, the students of MK Business School are aware of this responsibility and fully prepared to shoulder it.