Managing and Using Marketing

Want to become a successful entrepreneur? Learn to manage and use marketing

Of all the aspects of a business, the marketing gets the most attention. It is perhaps the most dynamic also. Let us study marketing and find out how to use and mange it to reach the goals of the business.

What is marketing?

Marketing involves all the activities that relate to distribution of goods and services. It involves strategies and goals that help in achieving the marketing targets.

How to handle marketing?

The marketing activities usually start with analyzing the market. The marketing manager who is responsible for all the activities of this department analyzes the market and looks for potential to sell services and products.

It starts with customers

Marketing essentially involves the customers. The marketing manager gathers information about the potential customers through various tools like online surveys and personal interviews. The objective of this is to know more about the preferences and buying potential of the customers.

Marketing strategy

Once all the relevant information are gathered, the marketing department draws the strategies that include campaign designing and tracking its results. Today a marketing manager has to use media like print, TV, radio and internet depending on the age and demography of the customers.

MK Business School, in order to provide quality education to its students includes marketing in its curriculum. However, rather than teaching the theories only, MK Business School uses real life examples to impart training to its students.

We invite corporate leaders and business analysts to share their experience with our students. As a part of preparing entrepreneurs, we provide them with insights on marketing strategies that the entrepreneurs use today. We also encourage our students to get creative and devise their own marketing tactics that they can implement when they start their own venture in the second year of the course.

The responsibility of a marketing manager does not end at devising marketing campaigns. He has to monitor the performance of the campaign and find out which one is yielding more results and concentrate his efforts on it. There are various tools to monitor results that the market analysts use.

Today with internet playing a vital role in our lives, we cannot leave it out from marketing. Thus increasingly more and more marketing managers are including social media campaigns in their strategies. Starting from email marketing to newsletters and posting contents on websites, there are various ways of connecting to customers.

Marketing is a dynamic concept and today has become more vibrant with inclusion of media. This means more challenges to the marketing manager which the students of MK Business School are capable to handle.