Management theories

Studying and using management theories – combining for best effect

Most students complain that theories are boring. They lack imagination, excitement and often fail to represent the real world situations. We appreciate what students feel and accept the shortcomings of theories but cannot deny the importance of studying them. As for example, management theories are meant to give students a basic structure to solve real life problems. These theories are drawn from experiences and can be replicated to solve problems also. However, the success of studying theories lies in using them in practical life.

Why study management theories?

Management is an ever changing term. It changes its form, context and relevance rapidly. Technological innovations have made several well established theories redundant while giving rise to new ones. We from Myland Business Institute believe in providing our students with sound academic base along with a platform to utilize that knowledge. Thus, we have included many theories in our curriculum that would make our students strong and confident.

Management theories should widen the horizon of thinking. Students must be able to absorb them and use them in practical life. We at Myland Business Institute encourage our students to ask questions and merely not believe what’s written in the books. This we believe would make them more confident of their knowledge and also enable them to apply them more readily.

Secondly, management theories must challenge the intellect of the students so that they are inspired to study more.

Knowledge is power and we can never deny that. We want our students to get armed with it and go out in the world confident of their skills.

Using management theories – giving students a lifetime of opportunities

Myland Business Institute has a unique system of testing the mettle of the students. In the second year of the business curriculum, the students are given an opportunity to become entrepreneurs. They are given freedom and responsibility to choose their own ideas and concepts. This helps them to put to use all the theories they learn in their syllabus.

There are several theories taught under management classes that can be directly implemented by the students. They can work on theories related to marketing, organizational behavior, HR policies and productivity. By implementing these concepts, the students can gain invaluable insights into how these work and their limitations also.

At Myland Business Institutewe give our students every opportunity to learn, apply and get experience so that when they start working they are confident of their abilities.

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