KingWinn: Student`s success story

I am one of the first students, that graduated I was studying Economics and Management in Vytautas Magnus University in Lithuania from 2014, but I was impressed by the opportunity to become an entrepreneur and open a real business while studying, so in 2016 I entered While other Universities teach to become experts in some field or managers, busiver teach to become entrepreneurs.

I never intended to become a well payed expert working 8 to 5, so I decided to study everything about starting my own business. The thing I liked most about busiver is that it is like a guide to making a business. From generating an idea, to starting a company. Another great thing is that you are studying online, so you can study from anywhere in the world. It is very different from over study programs, because you can study subjects one by one in busiver, not like in other universities you study 6-7 subjects at a time, and having 6-7 exams at the same time. It was much easier to study subjects one by one, because I could understand the subject from A to Z before taking the exam. And the information from subjects did not mix, so I finished the first course in less than a year.

While studying I came up with an idea to open a healthy fast food business, similar to McDonald`s. After I brought this idea to Busiver, we analyzed the business model of McDonald`s and soon after that I started my business KingWinn.

KingWinn – healthy fast food restaurants, orientated to the niche groups of sportsman, vegan, gluten free and healthy food.

Before writing this success story, I already talked with partners willing to open a franchise in Moscow, Minsk and some other Lithuanian cities. This is why I am sure, that in the next 5 years KingWinn will be found in at least 10 countries in the world

KingWinn CEO,

Karolina VingytÄ—