Interpreting business accounts

Why every manager must learn to interpret business accounts

The first thing every business owner has to do is to have the financial reports of the company at his fingertips. An entrepreneur is expected to have full grasp over all the financial reports of his organization to take better decisions about its future. Thus the ability to interpret the business accounts becomes crucial for him.

How to read company accounts?

Accounts, at a first glance look like just some series of number without any implication. However experienced people know how to read them and draw conclusions from them. Myland Business Institute grooms its students to become independent professionals. Our students are given opportunities to become entrepreneurs in the second year and run their own company. We impart necessary knowledge to successfully operate a business and interpreting business accounts is a part of it.

Our students are taught to interpret reports like profit and loss statement, balance sheet, net present value, cash flow statement and income statement.

We advise our students to start with the profit and loss statement as it is comparatively easier to understand. A profit and loss statement usually includes the total turnover of a company and the total costs. On subtraction we get the gross profit.

Income and expenditure statement is another form of report to analyze the financial viability of a company.

In this statement the net income is derived after deducting expenditure from total income.

The balance sheet is the most important report that indicates the financial health of a company at the time of the generation of the account.

The balance sheet deals with two components, assets and liabilities wherein assets include everything that the company owns or gets benefit from and liabilities are the obligations.

For an entrepreneur it is important to know the implications of these various statements to formulate financial decisions. Different reports would have different implications and thus they need to be thoroughly checked before deriving at conclusions.

At Myland Business Institute we encourage our students to learn all the aspects of running a business. Be it finance, marketing, HR or production, our students develop in-depth knowledge about different departments and also learn how to integrate these to devise strategies to run the company.

Myland Business Institute not only teaches business management to the students but also makes them capable of running their own organization. The world requires entrepreneurs with great and innovative ideas who can serve the customers better and we develop them in our school. Check our website to know how Myland Business Institute can shape your career and life.

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