Interpersonal skills

Developing interpersonal skills – why you should stress on it

The first thing every management student needs to learn is interpersonal skills as his success as a manager would depend on how well he communicates with others. Business owners with strong interpersonal skills are often the best motivators who inspire everyone around them. Thankfully, like all other skills, interpersonal skills can be learned and honed as a part of your business management curriculum.

The importance of interpersonal skills

Interpersonal skills encompass a whole gamut of skills and hence play a vital role in ensuring professional success. From verbal communication to nonverbal communication, from listening to negotiation skills, from problem solving to decision making, every aspect of entrepreneurship comes under the gambit of interpersonal skills.

No wonder self development coaches like Dale Carnegie and Napoleon Hill wrote volumes on how to talk to people and influence them.


Every management course stresses on learning people skills and interpersonal skills form a chunk of it. Today, with businesses going global and employees hailing from different cultural backgrounds, it has become all the more important to be able to talk and listen to them effectively.

Being a business owner, you have to meet a variety of people and convince them of your ideas and the only way you can do this is through effective interpersonal skills.

So, students who are studying management and hope to become successful business owners must start honing their communications skills.

How good interpersonal skills can help you in becoming successful

As a business owner you would be working in a team and your interpersonal skills would see you keeping the team intact and making everyone excited about your ideas. Even in cases of conflicts, you can resolve the issues faster with good conflict resolution skills. Customer satisfaction is ensured through good interpersonal skills. You can even create a positive working environment in your office by implementing proper interpersonal skills.

If you look around you, most great leaders are excellent communicators. Be it Bill Gates or Steve Jobs or Barrack Obama, the most successful businessmen and statesmen are orators whom you can idolize.

So, start working on your communication skills and become a great communicator. Simple things like listening attentively and with empathy, speaking in clear tone and voice and right use of words and body language would make you a superb leader.

Pay attention to small things and soon you would become confident of your skill. Keep on practicing and seek feedback from your faculty and friends. You can also get a mentor who can guide you in the right direction. At Myland Business Institute, we provide training from the ground up and help to develop skills that will eventually aid you in operating and expanding your business. Start your journey as a student and graduate as fully qualified business owner.


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