High Performance Teams

Features of high performance teams

You cannot put a few people together and expect them to collaborate on a business goal. You cannot force people to form a team and give stellar performance. Teams do not happen by their own and neither can be forced to form. Teams are formed when people voluntarily decide to work together and achieve bigger and better results. So, if you are interested to create a high performance team, you have to first understand the common characteristics that such teams possess and strive to replicate them in your team also.

The common attribute of high performance teams

Let us learn the common features of high performance teams now.

Common purpose – the first factor that makes a team successful is a common, single and clear purpose. Always remember that a team is formed keeping the end result in mind. What you want the team to achieve is its purpose and it cannot be vague or ill-defined or uninspiring. When you create a clear, common and compelling purpose, the team members feel motivated to achieve it.

Roles should be well defined – every individual belonging to a team must have a well defined role with clearly spelt out responsibilities. Moreover, each member must know the roles of the rest of the members also. By defining roles and making each responsible for his tasks, you create interdependence as well as synergy in the team which helps it to achieve its goal easily.

Excellent communication – unless there is communication you cannot expect cooperation. Thus excellent communication between the members is a prerogative of a high performing team. The communication needs to be fast, effective and clear. Effective communication through straight talks brings results fast. It also helps to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts.

Relationships – from communication we move on to relationships. You must realize one thing that a successful team is not created by getting similar people together. On the other contrary, people with diverse skills and characteristics make the team work. Solid relationships between the team members make it possible for them to overcome their differences and achieve synergy.

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