External operating environment

How learning about the External Operating Environment of Business can help students

A business is a changing entity and there are both internal and external factors that affect it. Students of business management must learn to identify these factors and also how they impact the business in order to run it smoothly. The external factors that can have huge influence on an organization are the competitors and the social, economic, monetary, political and environmental system.

Why business students must study the external operating environment of business

The external environment can have huge impact on a business. Change in monetary policy of a country or upheavals in the political system can prove to be game changers for a business. Similarly competitors with their marketing policies would compel a business to revise its marketing strategies. Thus students of business management must know these factors and how they can affect the organization for which they work. Similarly entrepreneurs who are responsible for entire working of an organization also have to be aware of these factors and consider them while formulating business strategies.

How external operating factors affect a business?

Competitors form a vital component of external environment of a business. With their motive to capture the market and eat into the profit margin, a business has to closely watch the steps competitors are taking and counter them with appropriate strategies. At Myland Business Institute we specifically teach our students about the external operating environment so that when they take charge of a business they know the things that deserve their attention.

Similarly, the students are given thorough knowledge of political and monetary environment so that they can formulate right policies. Changes in political ideology and monetary policies call for macroeconomic changes which the organizations have to understand and also learn to incorporate in their business policies.

The faculty at Myland Business Institute is experienced to give the students a broad picture of the economy and understand the macroeconomic and microeconomic dynamics.

The cultural environment also plays a great role in defining the vision of the company. The countries in which the company operates also influence the working of the company.

At Myland Business Institute we give our students every opportunity to explore the world of business and learn from first hand experiences. Be it asking entrepreneurs to share their experience to giving students scope to run their own business, our students always get advantages that no business school offers.

We believe that by exposing our students to real world situations we can prepare them for future challenges in a better way and they can make a real difference when they get absorbed in the big companies.

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