Effective communications

Simple tips to develop effective communications skill

Of all the personal skills effective communications are perhaps the most fundamental to success in life. Be it on personal front or in professional life, the ability to communicate effectively determines how we enjoy our relationships. There are many benefits of learning how to communicate effectively and hence most managers and professionals pay attention to honing this skill.

How to develop effective communications skill?

There are many ways to develop this skill and you can always learn them on your own by observing people around you and practicing on your own. Books and articles may also help you to improve yourself.

Listen carefully – this is perhaps the first step to effective communication. Unless you listen properly you cannot decipher the meaning and also understand the emotions behind what is being said. Moreover, the person with whom you are communicating may feel humiliated also if you do not pay attention to him. So, learn to listen carefully and also follow the verbal as well as nonverbal cues. Remember that body language reinforces the verbal words and can provide useful information.

Be aware of what others feel – People around you would tend to trust you and share their ideas with you if you respect their emotions. Always choose proper words to express your feelings. Always greet people with a smile and maintain eye contact while talking and listening.

Empathize with people – empathy makes us better human beings. It is the ability to see things from others perspectives and always makes you come across as a compassionate and dependable person. Do not be judgmental toward people and while communicating stay away from preconceived notions. Be honest while expressing your views but choose the words carefully so as to not hurt anyone.

Encourage others – This is a positive trait that makes people popular. You will find that leaders who are positive and encouraging are always liked by others. So, encourage people for their efforts and ideas. Always make people comfortable when they are with you.

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