Effective communication

Effective communication – its importance in professional life and how to overcome the barriers

What is communication? It is not just exchange of information. Apart from sharing information communication is about understanding the intention and emotion behind the information. Effective communication is a two-way street in which you not only convey a message and make sure that it is understood the way you intended but also listen carefully and understand what others want to convey.

Effective communication – salient features

You must have realized that effective communication does not involve only spoken words. It includes a set of skills like verbal and nonverbal communication, listening skills, managing stress and the capacity to comprehend your and the others emotions too.

Effective communication helps us to reinforce bonds with others and develop good relationships. It is also the means by which we can share our ideas and motivate others to follow them. Effective communication also helps in better decision making and problem solving. Thus managers, entrepreneurs and people involved in public services always stress on developing communication skills. Leaders who are good communicators can even communicate negative messages without hurting anyone or creating any conflict.

Entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Bill Gates and business leaders like Steve Jobs are celebrated because of their communication skills. They can articulate their ideas so well that people feel motivated to follow them.

Effective communication can be learnt but you should be careful about making it spontaneous. It works only when it sounds natural.

Barriers to effective communication

There are several barriers to effective communication that you should be aware of.

Body language – As we mentioned earlier, effective communication is more about the nonverbal cues. In fact, according to communication experts, communication is 20% verbal and 80% non-verbal. So, your body language plays a vital role in reinforcing what you want to convey. Negative or defensive body language can make you appear hostile or dishonest to the listener. So, you should try to improve your body language and make it consistent with the verbal words.

Realizing the importance of effective communication, MK Business School includes it in the business management curriculum as we believe that the future managers and entrepreneurs must develop this soft skill to progress in their career. We make our students learn the nuances of effective communication and also give them ample scope to practice it through presentations and mock seminars. Even when the students get the opportunity to become entrepreneurs in their second year of studies, they get chances to practice what they have learnt.

MK Business School tries to groom its students by giving them exposure to real life situations and testing their abilities to cope with complexities of the modern world. We stand for excellence in education and pursue it with dedication and commitment.