E-marketing communication

E-marketing communication and the changing world of business

The entire curriculum of marketing has been drastically transformed with the advancement of technology. There was a time when by marketing we used to mean reaching out to customers with the help of print and mass media. Today, digital marketing has taken over the role of print and mass media and we are witnessing ever increasing importance of e-marketing.

Forms of e-marketing

With advent of email and social media, most marketers today concentrate on virtual world to reach out to its customer base. Digital marketing is fast, innovative and is always changing. No doubt this makes the job of a marketing manager very challenging.

E-marketing first started with emails. For a long time emails ruled the online world and hence big brands and even small initiatives depended on email marketing to connect to their customers. Email marketing was more of database marketing wherein you segregate your customers into different segments and target them to create interest in your brand.

As search engines became the modern Mecca of internet users, marketers shifted to Search Engine Optimization. Blogs, websites, press releases and articles became the most popular weapons to make a brand known to the consumers. Still today we fight over search engine rankings and strive to occupy the first position.

Naturally traditional marketing concepts were replaced by modern age technology driven marketing ideas. At Myland Business Institute we have observed these changes over time and made appropriate changes in our courses to suit the demands of modern digitized societies. Thus our students are well versed with all the concepts of e-marketing like social media marketing and affiliate marketing.

We don’t stop at imparting knowledge only. We make sure that the students are able to imbibe the concepts and are confident enough to use them. Through projects and entrepreneurship scopes, the students also get a chance to apply the knowledge.

To work in today’s highly competitive environment, it is important for the business management students to keep the passion for learning ignited. They need to be flexible and ready to adopt new tools and techniques as soon as they are introduced in the market. We at Myland Business Institute make sure that our students are eager to learn and always hungry for more.

We present them with rare opportunities to test their mettle as entrepreneurs and come out with flying colors. Join the future’s business academy and give your career the boost it deserves.


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