Customers and customer service

How customers are changing the perception of customer service

What makes a brand popular with the customers? Why some brands enjoy loyalty from its customers while others struggle to find foothold in the market? The answer lies in customer service. Of course the products offered by a brand is important but to enjoy loyalty and goodwill in the market a brand has to think beyond product and develop a strong relationship with its customers which can be only achieved through services.

 Customers and customer service – the changing trends

The principles of customer service are built on age-old wisdom. You have to know your customers well and your customer is always right are some of the tenets on which the principles are built. However, with customers evolving and raising new demands the customer service also have to be revamped.

Today’s customers demand transparency in communication, they want their issues to be addressed quickly and their loyalty is determined by how far a brand is willing to go to pacify its customers. You got it right. The situation has become ruthless and most brands are trying to shake off the age-old methods and gearing up to handle the 21st century customers.

Customers today demand fast reply and companies like Amazon has set the standard as 24 hours. So, you need to be on your toes always and see that the customers are happy with the response you are providing.

Accuracy – no more of flimsy excuses about why the product is not satisfactory or emails that are just copied and pasted. Today’s customers demand accurate answers.

24/7 has become the benchmark for customer service. If you are not there round the clock, you are not cut to exist in modern times. Similarly services like money back policy, free shipping, seamless online shopping are becoming norms of the day. The customers do not want to waste their time on loading slow webpages but want everything fast, simple and hassle-free.

What do all these changes in the perception of customer service mean to the entrepreneurs? It means that managers have to change their perception and get on their feet to serve the customers. They have to innovate new ways to satisfy the customers.

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