Culture and the Organization

Culture and the organization – how things grow and manifest

 Ever wondered what makes one company different from another one? Why people love to work for one company but avoid another although both of them pay similarly? Well, the answer can be traced to their culture. Now, what is the culture of a company? It is its personality. Like every individual, every organization has its unique personality which we call its culture.

Organizational culture and its salient features

In simple terms the organizational culture can be explained as the shared assumptions and values that govern the people within the organization. It gets reflected in the way people interact, work together and make relationships. The culture also defines the rules and regulations people follow.

How is the culture developed?

A lot of studies have been conducted to find out how culture develops in an organization. It has been found that there are seven characteristics that determine it.

Innovation is a major determinant of culture of a company. Organizations that place high value on it encourage their employees to take risk. Such organizations believe in creativity and doing things differently. These employees also take more risks. On the other hand companies that show low emphasis on innovation avert risks. They follow structured approach to work that lack creativity.

Companies that place high value on people are usually very popular with employees. They consider their employees as equal stakeholders in the success of the company and follow transparent rules and regulations. Evidently the employees are given more independence. On the contrary, the organizations that do not follow this culture come out as more rigid.

Some companies stress on teamwork and do not follow pyramid structure. They are more open, transparent and ready to embrace modern ideas.

Apart from these, there are other factors that affect the culture within an organization like aggressiveness, emphasis on achievement etc.

We believe in encouraging employees to take a greater role in the success of the company. We also want the managers to empower the employees to share their ideas. Thus, at MK Business School we follow a friendly, open and positive culture. Today organizational functioning has changed a lot. Managers are required to be proactive and create teams that are positive and goal oriented. So the students at MK Business School are taught about different cultures and how organizations create them.

With our focus on creating world class managers and entrepreneurs we keep on raising the yardstick and give our students the best education that would enable them to imbibe the culture of the organization they work for in future.