Culture and ethics

Culture and ethics – the two concepts that business students can never ignore

Do you know what defines a company? Do you know what makes a company appealing to its employees? No, it’s not fat pay checks but culture and ethics. An organization with transparent and inspiring cultural and ethical business practices would always score high with its employees. Companies that instill in their employees a sense of moral guidelines and ethical culture are always looked up by the customers also.

Importance of culture and ethics

In an age when most business journals sadly report that ethics are eroding, we try to hold on them because honesty and integrity can never be replaced. At Myland Business Institute we always encourage our students to learn about good culture and ethics and practice them later on when they join the work force.

Different companies have different types of culture. Some are open, friendly and invite constructive criticism. There are companies which do not follow strict hierarchy and all employees are considered as equal stake holders in the company.

Moreover, today when most big companies have branches all over the world and the workforce hails from different nations, the new employees have to be sensitized about different cultures and traditions. When you work in virtual teams across nations, you have to follow international norms of communications and business practices.

Thus, from the beginning we teach our students the various types of cultures followed in different companies and how to interact with employees and customers from different cultural backgrounds.

Similarly, we encourage our students to follow strict ethical rules while setting up their own companies. We appreciate the fact that it’s very natural to get lured by short term gains and adopt unethical practices. However, we should always keep in mind that such practices do not pay in the long run. Showing integrity and following ethical business practices are the only way to survive in the long run. If you look around, the brands which have withstood the test of time and onslaught of global competition are the ones that have always followed ethical business culture.

In fact, there are plenty of examples of how companies following dubious practices have ruined their goodwill in the market and even harmed the economy.

So, Myland Business Institute always stresses on teaching ethical practices to its students. We believe in igniting the conscience of the students so that they can decide what is right or wrong. We in fact have created a very friendly and positive environment in the campus that is conducive to learning. Come and be a part of our family and see how your career takes off smoothly.


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