Creativity and problem solving

Creativity and problem solving – two skills that you have to possess.

If you are serious about your career and want to climb up the corporate ladder fast, you have to learn to handle problems. Yes, problem solving is a skill that every professional needs on a day to day basis. Be it tackling competition or handling aggrieved customers or resolving conflicts among team members, your problem solving skills would be always required to bail you out.

Similarly creativity also plays a huge role in your career. How can you creatively present your brand in the market? How can you solve all the issues that are raised by your competitor? So creativity and problem solving skills go hand in hand and let us see how you can hone these two.

Problem solving – steps you can follow

Do not panic – Yes, that’s the first piece of advice we would give you. Have confidence that you can surely find a way out. Panicking would get you nowhere and so collect all the facts about the problem and try to find out a solution.

Be positive about the situation – A problem is only a problem till you solve it. Do not consider it as an obstacle but treat it as an opportunity to grow. Your attitude towards the problem would change everything.

We at Myland Business Institute make our students become entrepreneurs in the second year of their study so that they can learn to solve their own problems. What we have seen is that most students are capable of using their skills to come out of the situation.

Get help – Your team is your asset and when it comes to solving a crisis they can contribute their ideas and resources. In fact, this is where creativity comes handy. Use brainstorming sessions to get to the root of the problem and try out different ways to solve it.

Fish bone analysis, lateral thinking and everything that we teach in books should be put to use.

Get creative, think out of the box – Getting someone from a different field may help you to gain a different perspective on the problem. Myland Business Institute always asks established entrepreneurs and senior managers to interact with our students and share their experience. This helps the students to build confidence.

Take a break – This is the best way to boost your creativity. Take a break and do something different. This would stimulate your brain to think creatively and find the best solution to the problem.

Myland Business Institute wants its students to get way ahead of others in the market and hence prepares them from the beginning. Our students are taught all necessary life skills to handle real life situations successfully. Come and find out what makes Myland Business Institute different from the others.

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